‘Welcome to Onelove Livity!

‘Thanks. But what exactly is Onelove Livity?’

‘Ah yes, that’s a common question. Please let me explain…

Onelove is unconditional love, the highest form of which is graciously bestowed upon us in every moment through the blessing of breath. As every living being inhales and exhales the same air we are as One through the power of Love!

Livity is the way we choose to live in accordance with this profound truth and show gratitude for this One Love by giving thanks and offering praise through our everyday lifestyle choices, thoughts, words and actions.

love nature

Onelove Livity passionately focuses on the health and well~being of people and planet. We inspire and enable the creation of healthy and sustainable lifestyles in harmony with the natural cycles of ourselves and the Earth.

Onelove Livity offers eco-therapy journeys in nature, inspired writing and more. Get an insight into our natural living, world-schooling lives through our blog ‘Child of the Nature Isle’

Based in Dominica, the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean’, Onelove Livity offers services to both the local population and visitors on the island as well as traveling to deliver work elsewhere on request. To make bookings, or for more information on any of our services, please contact us.

Onelove Livity is a journey of self discovery and joyful adventure and we hope you will join us!